Doing our bit for the earth at Pentley Park

Doing our bit for the earth at Pentley Park

Here at Pentley Park we make luxury goods, currently consisting of our main products, the microfibre hanks but also some leather goods and soon to be travel accesories. But we have another important thing in mind for the brand... and that is the environment and doing our bit. So we have made the decision to start by offsetting our carbon emissions from every sale!

This works by using an app on our Shopify store called Offset, which calculates our carbon emissions from shipping orders and the travel involved by the vehicles that deliver your items, calculating the weight and order volumes of the items that we ship. We then pay the offest cost based on the kilograms of CO₂, which is currently funding the Jari Para Forest Conservation. 

If you would like to learn more about the Jari Para Forest Conservation, follow the link below:

So far this month we have sent off 4 orders through our website that produced 0.3kg of CO2 emissions. Which is the equivalent to 44.1 smart phones charged, 1.4 kilometres driven by an average passenger vehicle or 0.001 flights around the earth.

Our contributions this month have supported forest protection initiatives and we have helped protect and estimated 3.3 m². It is only a small contribution at the moment but with more orders through our website directly, you (our amazing customers) will be supporting this more and more and helping the earth we all live on!

We have loads of big things coming in the future, new products, new hanks as well as giveaways and amazing deals. Stay up to date by signing up to our newsletter or creating an account here


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It’s so nice to read about how you are doing your bit for the environment! Thank you for sharing your journey!


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