Pentley Perks - Rewards Scheme

Pentley Perks - Rewards Scheme

Welcome Pentley Perks to our website, our new rewards system that gives back to all of our customers.

We boast a very generous rewards program, with every purchase you earn points, every referral, sign-up and Birthday! We even give out points just for following our socials!

for every £1 you spend you will get 5 points and 100 points gets you £1 off! This means that if you bought one of our Pentley Park hanks at £14.99 you will get 75 points. We also have no minimum spend limit to apply your points, just redeem your points and get spending! 🥳🥳🥳

Here is a breakdown of how you can earn points:

Sign up = 200 points

Celebrate your birthday = 300 points

Like us on Facebook = 50 points

Follow us on Instagram = 50 points

Place an order = 5 points for every £1 spent


We have such an amazing comunity that has supported us from the start, helping us get to where we are today and we wanted to give back to the amazing EDC community in a way that benefits our customers and supporters and helps us grow along the way, to enable to us to continue making new products and high quality products. 

We saw that our repeat customers where avid collectors of hanks and everything EDC and with this reward program, we can help you grow your collection and save you money each time!

This is also very new for us and we appreciate all and any feedback, so feel free to leave a comment on here if you have any suggestions.

So the only question left here is...

What will you spend your points on?

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