Behind The Brand

Pentley Park is a brand that launched during the second week of January 2021, in the chaos and uncertainty of the global pandemic where many people started to rediscover their passions and follow their interests through isolation...

The name Pentley Park came from the street I was born on and signifies all the things I have been through to get to where I am todday along with all of the creative ideas I have had, all of the business ideas I have attempted since a child; from tshirts businesses, a car magazine, a fitness clothing brand, graphic design company and a custom airbrushing company. The reason I picked this name is because I want this to be the final brand, it signifies that this is the one that will succeed and all of those failed business ideas were the lessons that got me to where I am today. 

My name is Barnaby and for as long as I can remember I have wanted to build a brand where I can design items, accesories and things that I love and find other people that appreciate the simplistic yet unique products and designs that I create. One thing that I have always loved is having a matching set of wearables and items to carry and with an appreciation of modern fashion mixed with classic every day carry products such as wallets, lighters and a fascination with knives from a young age! One day in 2019 was watching a video from a YouTuber called Peter Mckinnen (where I learned to improve my photgraphy and editing skills) and I stumbled across a video called "My Everyday Carry" where he showed all of the gadgets, wallets and leather goods he carried with him every day, where he matched them, they were colour coordinated with his clothes and they looked beautiful!

This was when I discovered there was a small but growing community called EDC (Everyday Carry) where people from across the world all had a passion for this mutual love of aesthetic every day carries. I was hooked, I started following these communities, mainly in the USA but it had started to grow in the UK and EU. So whilst working my 9-5 job I decided I would look into the best way to start building my own brand and the best products to start making where I could start to grow within this new community.

After a bit of research I realised hanks were a good gateway to this growing sector and although I did some sewing in textile lessons at school, I could neither justify buying a sewing machine to test this nor was the production side of the process of interest to me. So I reached out to some local seamstresses to see what they said, paying them for samples to be made and testing the quality of stitch and durability and after some searching I found an amazing seamstress based in Letchworth Garden City, UK. She is primarily a dress maker and does wedding clothing and dresses but decided to start helping me out as a bit of extra cash whilst the need for wedding dresses was low during the pandemic. 

Now over a year into the business Pentley Park hanks have become a large part of her business, with two of the biggest projects being with SOG and Heinnie Haynes where she ended up making over 300 microfibre hanks! To this day we have a great business partnership and we are working on future projects together.

The future of Pentley Park is a goal to have high quality, locally made products which are sustainably made and sourced in environmentally friendly packaging. I want customers to have a great unboxing experience, so our packaging will continue to improve as our sales increase and currently all the profits from sales are going straight back into investing in new ideas and improving the experience to the customer. 

Customer service is number one and from someone who has come from a customer service and sales professional background, you can rest assured I have experienced some of the best and worst experiences and have learned how to deliver the best customer journey and experience. Go ahead, try us out 👀


If you have any questions about myself or the brand or suggestions that you think we could improve on, then please don't hesitate to reach out either via our live chat, email or in the comments section below!


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