What is EDC?

What is EDC?

EDC simply put, stands for Everyday Carry and represents the every day items that we carry with us on a daily basis. It is something that is more prominent in the United States and has a become a community of likeminded people that love having aesthetically pleasing items.

Everyone has their own unique, essential EDC items but generally speaking the main items that most people always carry are:

  • Knife (one of the main items)
  • Wallet or Cardholder
  • Keys
  • Watch
  • Pen
  • Swiss Army Knife (also known as SAK)
  • Microfibre Hank
  • Pocket Tool, like a PryBar
  • Pocket Torch

Now if you are new to the community or just discovered the community, you may be wondering what the need for a prybar or a pocket torch is, you might even be wondering what the purpose of the knife is too? Well this all comes down to a mixture of always being prepared (also known as "preppers"), usefulness and even just having the enjoyment of having a selection of items that all match in a particular colour scheme, texture, or you just enjoy having those items on you! It all comes down to personal preference, so we have attached some customer photos that display the aesthetic look and appeal that this can show...

If this has made you want to start getting into this community... good! That's how we all got sucked into it, because it just looks awesome and is very cool when you have a fully colour matched carry. It is often very useful too as you will be the only person that will always have a torch/flashlight, have the tool to be able to pry open a tricky can, bolt or nail and almost always be the only person with a blade to cut anything (but if you're not the only person with a knife, you will have the coolest!) Be warned though, it can become very addictive very quickly and therefore can be quite expensive like any collectors hobby. 

UK Legal vs UK Friendly

There is one question that does come up quite a lot and although this depends on the country you reside but this is the legality of knives. We asked the question recently on our Instagram, if you're not already following then check us out here, "Do you know the difference between UK friendly carry and UK legal?" The answers were surprising, with a lot of our followers being unsure on the exact differences. So here we will explain this briefly, however if you would like to check out the official UK Gov website click this.

Simply put, a UK friendly knife is a pocket knife that has a blade length under 3" without a locking mechanism. Therefore the law states that you do not need to have a reason to carry this. Something worth mentioning is that if you were to use a knife that is UK Friendly in a way that could be used to harm or in a threatening manor, this then becomes a crime and therefore illegal.

However a pocket knife that has a locking mechanism and has a blade longer than 3" isnt necesarilly illegal... stay with us here... the best way to explain this is with an example;

e.g. If you are a chef and need to take your knives to work, these knives will be fixed blades and over 3" but due to the nature of you having good reason for carrying them, this in not illegal. It all comes down to intent and having good reason to carry a bladed article.

Whatever you chose to do and chose to carry, we would always suggest checking your countries law and not carrying anoything without a valid reason. For UK citisens please check this Gov link for our laws

Community Jargon and Phrases

EDC - Everyday Carry

Fly the Flag - this referes to the popular YouTuber Peter Mckinon who created a brand around pirates and "flying the flag" is being part of his community or owning his prioducts

Carry Coin - is a pocket coin/worry coin, which is a momento coin carried to support a brand, fidget with or for good luck

SAK - Swiss Army Knife

EDC Cooperative - is a community which started in the UK for members of the EDC community where once you have been an active member for a period of time, you will be gifted a badge and a Cooperrative member number.

UK Friendly - refers to a knife that is under 3" blade and non-locking

Fixed Blade - a knife with a blade that doesn't fold

Blackout/Blackout Carry - A fully black on black EDC carry.

Slip Joint - is a folding knife where the blade is kept open with a spring, the blade doesn't have a lock and can be closed by overcoming the spring force. Some of these knives have a neutral ground at 90 degrees where the spring neither opens or closes in an indent for safety.

Hank - Generally refers to a microfibre or cotton backed, patterned handkerchief. These are usually used for cleaning products like knives, screens and displays but they are also used as backdrops for pictures often.


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